Geddy the Gecko and Super Geddy Live Shows

Watch Geddy the Gecko, Super Geddy,
Holy Cow, Mr. Pig and Bully
on You Tube here:

Our 2014 Summer Reading Program Live Show is called:

"Fizz, Boom, Read! Geddy the Gecko's Rainforest Science Reading Show"

John Mallory performs in costume four times for over 38 million viewers on Simon Cowell's NBC TV show with host Regis Philbin !

School Assemblies for Elementary Schools, K-6th Grade Camps, Parks & Rec, Aftercare, PTA/ PTO/ PTSA Family Nights, Red-Ribbon Weeks, Character or Reading Emphasis, School Fundraisers, Libraries, Preschools & Daycares, Malls, YMCA, JCCs, Fundraisers, etc.

All shows for K through 6th grade: Characters perform with upbeat, zany personalities, NOT like “Barney”

All shows for Preschoolers: Characters have a softer, warmer personality (more like “Barney”). Upon request, John can show preschoolers the costumes prior to the show & no one is startled when the show begins.

All shows feature tons of audience participation, with hilarious skits, songs, dances, and sound teaching.

You choose show time length: 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 minutes. No limit to # of kids at each show.

Geddy the Gecko Shows at Elementary Schools, Preschools, Parks & Rec

Click Here to watch video

Check out Geddy the Gecko, Holy Cow, Mr. Pig and Bully on You Tube.

Geddy the Gecko & Super Geddy Shows:

1. Multi-Cultural Dances from Around the World: children of all ages learn & participate in dances from many countries with Geddy the Gecko, plus Super Geddy break-dances for the grand finale! This multicultural assembly show is perfect for ANY occasion: Afterschool, Summer, Spring and Winter Camps, Fine Arts Week, Parties, etc. Very fun, like a celebration show! Perfect for special needs students as well.

First Choice: Multicultural Dances PART 1: Show examples: Cha-Cha, Samba, Tango, Macarena, Celtic, Greek, USA, etc. OUR MOST REQUESTED SHOW!!

Second Choice: Multicultural Dances PART 2 features dances from Poland, Egypt, Spain, Cuba, Santo Domingo, Jamaica, India, USA, etc.

Third Choice: Multicultural Dances PART 3 features  Trinidad . Bahamas . Polynesian. Middle Eastern. Sweden . Salsa. Turkey . Russia .

Idea: Host Dances Part 1 at your Site (and then later in the year host Dances Part 2!)

And if you need us 3 times in a year, host a show WITHOUT Geddy the Gecko and we'll use DIFFERENT characters such as the cow, pig, and bull! Our most popular Holy Cow, Mr. Pig and Bully Show is our "State Fair Show", like a huge celebration at YOUR site, similar to the show we perform at large State Fairs & County Fairs, with nonstop audience participation and comedy. You can use cow, pig and bull, OR just pig and bull. (no extra charge for Holy Cow, the breakdancing cow).

To see Holy Cow, Mr. Pig, & Bully see the Fairs and Festivals web-page: CLICK HERE

2. Reading: 1st choice: "Fizz, Boom, Read! Geddy the Gecko's Rainforest Science Reading Show". 2nd choice: "Reading on the Farm with Holy Cow, Mr. Pig and Bully". All shows include breakdancing.

3. School Celebration: Fair or Assembly (example: High Attendance Fiesta with Geddy the Gecko) or Farm Celebration with Cow, Pig and Bull: celebrate ANY major school event. All shows include breakdancing.

4. Don’t Bully and Say “No” to Violence: includes a special guest: “Bully”, the longhorn bull, a former bully. “No more bullying, no more bullies, no more bull!” says Bully the Longhorn Bull. This show also features Geddy the Gecko along with the BULL (or pig and cow along with the BULL). All shows include breakdancing. 

5. TESTING: FCAT/SAT, etc.: Prepare your students for ANY TEST subject. Prepare your mind & attitude with Positive Thinking, getting the stress out, increasing confidence, also including MATH testing preparation show. All shows include breakdancing. 

6. Physical Fitness featuring Dances from Around the World: Dancing to improve fitness. All shows include breakdancing. 

7. Science: Rainforest Show for the Entire school OR Rainforest Workshop in smaller classrooms: Learn about the plants and animals and why rainforests are important. This show can also be converted into: Earth Day Show, Recycling Show, and/or Global Warming Show.

8. Say “No” to Drugs and Smoking: The dangers of drugs & tobacco products and how to resist them. All shows include breakdancing. 

9. Character Development: honesty, sharing, caring, respect, fairness, trust, diversity, kindness, politeness, responsibility, living peaceably, loyalty, reliability, friendship, compassion, justice, etc. All shows include breakdancing. 

10. Holiday Themes: USA/Freedom, Thanksgiving, XMAS, Fiesta Show for general school celebrations, Valentines, St. Pats, Easter, MLK Jr, Salute to America, Veterans Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Presidents' Day. Also shows can be customized for any theme you request, for example: Black History Month. 

Endorsed by School Boards= YES (call for details)

Background Check and Fingerprinted = Yes for Palm Beach County, Broward County, Martin County, Indian River County, Okeechobee County, St Lucie County, and almost EVERY COUNTY in Florida. Performances also include Dade County, Hillsborough County, Orange County, Collier County, and dozens of other counties in FL plus schools and libraries in 40 states nationwide.

John Mallory has performed since 1987 and full-time since 1995 in forty states in the USA plus Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. John graduated with honors from University of Richmond in 1989 and is a Top-Twenty national-ranked mascot actor. Mary Mallory graduated from VCU in 1990 with 4 years in childhood education. John is fully insured. S.O.L. connections, Standards-based curriculum, Activities, Outcomes, Sunshine State Standards, Evaluation tool, Pre/Post Materials. City-wide Festivals: call for Festival show & strolling prices.

PRICES: ways to lower cost:
1) Earn a commission by allowing the sale of Geddy the Gecko items: posters, T’s, stuffed animal sand geckos, etc.
2) Sell tickets/ snacks: reimburse school or PTA for part/all of cost!

PRICES: First Show Prices Listed Below:

Note: Libraries call or email for rates as we give large discounts to libraries

South FL : PRESCHOOLS: let us know the size and location of your preschool:

Preschool prices range from $175 to $300 in Broward, based on size of preschool.

Preschool prices for Palm Beach and Dade range from $250 to $350, based on size of preschool.

Need more than one show on the same day?

All preschools may shorten the length of the show to add a 2nd show for a 2nd group of preschoolers at the same site for no additional charge.


Need more than one show on the same day?

All Elementary 2nd and 3rd shows at the same site on the same day are discounted upon request if the school has a preset maximum budget.

Elementary South FL : Aftercare (just after school hours) and Parks and Recreation includes Spring, Winter and Summer Camps: Weekdays: only $350 in Broward County . Palm Beach & Dade: $375

During School Hours: $375 Broward ($400 Dade and Palm Beach )

Weekends: Saturdays and Sundays: only $450 in Broward County . Palm Beach and Dade: $500

Family Night: Any weeknight: $400 in Broward ($425 in Palm Beach and Dade), families invited free of charge

All funds from tickets sold above the breakeven point of $400 are designated for YOUR FUNDRAISER. Other ideas: If you would like a daytime preview show, to get the kids excited about coming back to the evening show, for a total of 2 shows: use $600 instead of $400. Or, 2 daytime preview shows plus one evening show = $700. Or, 3 daytime preview shows plus one evening show = $800. Once the older kids laugh and laugh during the daytime preview show, they will come back for the evening show. If ticket sales do not reach the breakeven point, no worries, just pay us the amount raised by ticket sales. (This would only happen if the weather suddenly turned bad just hours before Showtime). Most schools sell tickets the week BEFORE the event to ensure high sales and extra profit beyond breakeven for the PTA fundraiser. Most families will drive out, even in the rain, if they have already purchased their tickets the week before.

Central Florida and Northern FL : as low as $375

1 school: $1000, includes your choice of 1, 2, or 3 shows in the same day. No travel fees on many dates. See Block Booking Offer for discounts for 2 (or more) schools below.

2 schools = $750 per school. No travel fees on many dates.

3 schools = $500 each if John can perform at all 3 schools in a span of 2 days

3 schools = $667 each, if schools require John to spread the 3 schools out over a span of three days.

4 schools = $375 each, if John can perform at all 4 schools in a span of 2 days

4 schools = $500 each, if schools require John to spread the 4 schools out over a span of four days

OTHER STATES: as low as $500

1 school: $1500, includes your choice of 1, 2, or 3 shows in the same day. No travel fees on many dates. See Block Booking Offer for discounts for 2 (or more) schools below.

2 schools = $1000 per school. No travel fees on many dates. .

3 schools = $667 each, if John can perform at all 3 schools in a span of 2 days

3 schools = $833 each, if schools require John to spread the 3 schools out over a span of three days.

4 schools = $500 each, if John can perform at all 4 schools in a span of 2 days

4 schools = $750 each, if schools require John to spread the 4 schools out over a span of four days.

References for Shows at schools, parks, and libraries

Palm Beach County Libraries, Cilla Jacobson (561) 649-5435

“The branches raved about your shows this summer and we are looking forward to having you come back this fall.” Cilla Jacobsen Palm Beach Library District (shows at over a dozen branches in Summer and Fall).

Golden Grove Elementary, Patricia Packard, (561) 904-9730 Hosted Geddy the Gecko shows and Holy Cow, Mr. Pig and Bully shows at after school programs.

Many elementary shows at JCC afterschools: such as Soref JCC (and Temples with summer camps such as Kol Tikvah in Parkland for preschool).

Whispering Pines Elementary CHAMPS after school program: Jane (561) 218-5823

Forest Hill Elementary SACC after school program: Say NO to Bullying: Anita Winkis (561) 434-8419

Self Esteem Show: Vicki Cammarano, Coral Springs Elem. Guidance Counselor (754) 322-5908.

School Year: After School Programs: (954) 970-6700 ext 203 Susan Wierling many, many shows.

Miramar Parks & Rec: Randy (954) 802-7097, (954) 967-1611. many shows

Modules: Call for Details

Character Education and Bullying/ Violence Customized Shows: Young Montessori Magnet Elementary, Cindy Dean (754) 322-9050,
3 shows in one school morning, sponsored by PTA.

Loxahatchee Groves Elementary, SACC, Debbie Scott, After School Program Director, (561) 333-4368

Reading Shows and FCAT reading shows: Sabal Palm Elementary, Naples, FL, Kandi O’Connell (239) 377-8200.

SACC: Verde Elementary SACC, Cristina (561) 218-5852. Forest Park Elementary SACC Kim (561) 436-2029.

Red Ribbon / Drugs Shows: Dr. Frasier (School in Dade County) (305) 238-7382 x 153

FCAT / SAT: Harbor Dale Elementary: Principal Bucolo (754) 323-6055.

Boys and Girls Clubs: Neolita Maharaj, call for contact info


What Others Are Saying about John Mallory:

"Regarding John Mallory: I have worked with him for a couple years now and he is great! He is very reliable and the children love him. I have never heard a negative thing about any performance that he has done for my company.
Susan Weirling, After School Programs, Inc." (954) 596-9000 ext 203.

"I highly recommend John Mallory to come out to your school to involve the students in the Geddy the Gecko assembly. The students loved him. He did conform to all of the County Public Schools requirements in order to come to the schools."
Vicki Cammarano, Coral Springs Elementary School.

"He was so well received, and the students enjoyed his show very much. He conforms to School District policy, and has a good rapport with children. Not only did he perform for our afterschool program, but our Fine Arts Team saw his show and was very impressed and had him perform for Fine Arts Day. Enjoy the show!"
Jane Walters SACC Director, Whispering Pines Elementary School (561 218-5823)."

"Libraries: “Thank you for your professionalism and more importantly for your wonderfully enriching and entertaining program.”
(call for contact info)."

"YMCA (Miami/Dade areas): “The reviews have been outstanding. They cannot stop sharing how wonderful Geddy is. Every show has caused a flood of calls my way sharing with me how happy they are and can they have you again next year.”
Call for contact info.

PTA: "Thank you for coming out to our school. The children loved it! I thought it was wonderful."

"We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to you for giving the students, staff, and parents such an amazing show on Earth Day! You and your show made Earth Day very special and fun for everyone!"
Unity School.

Character Education County Coordinators that oversee all character education for their county: Broward County“It was terrific. Also, I will have your DVDs available for anyone.” Palm Beach County: “Your presentation is a crowd pleaser. Your program demonstrates how “good” character can impact children’s lives in special ways.”